Child Support

Ensuring appropriate child support obligations benefits both parents and their children. Children deserve to have all of their financial needs met. The parent receiving child support payments deserves help paying the costs associated with raising a child. The paying parent benefits from appropriately set child support levels that allow him or her to maintain the financial stability of his or her household.

How Is Child Support Determined In Texas?

Texas uses a formula to determine child support levels. Various factors, including both parents' incomes and certain other expenses, are entered into the formula. The courts are generally reluctant to allow any deviation from the outcome of the formula.

While the state uses a formula to determine child support levels, it is still a smart move to work with an attorney who understands how the formula is applied, what factors are considered, and how to secure or defend against any deviation from the child support formula.

Modifications To Child Support

Times change. People get better jobs. Other financial issues can create a material and substantial change in circumstances that would merit a modification of child support.

Board Certified Family Law Attorney

I am attorney Bruce C. Zivley. I know how crucial it can be to have appropriately set child support levels. Financial stability can be a crucial issue, especially after divorce, and having the right child support levels for your particular situation can help you keep your household's finances viable. With more than 30 years of family law experience serving the needs of my clients, I know how to handle child support issues, including determinations as part of a divorce or as part of a paternity action, modifications and enforcement. I am board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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