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Texas custody and standard possession orders

Many Texas parents have a difficult time agreeing to a parenting and custody plan when undergoing child custody disputes, whether they have been married or not. In those situations, family law judges will determine with which parent the child will primarily reside according to the court's determination of the child's best interests.

Texas visitation rights and responsibilities

When the parents of a child in Texas do not live together, problems can arise in delineating the rights and responsibilities of each parent with regard to the child. It is important that details are spelled out during this process, giving a clear picture of where the child should be at any given time and with which parent. A court may issue a decree called a Paternity Decree or a Decree of Divorce, which identifies who the parents are, who the child is and what the rights and responsibilities of each parent are.

Geographic restrictions in Texas child custody laws

For Texas parents who have children and are considering divorce, the issue sometimes arises of whether the parent with primary custody of a child is allowed to relocate after the divorce. In some cases, a primary parent may have moved to Texas as a native of another state or country. They may wish to return to their home of origin once the divorce is concluded.

Introduction to Texas parenting plan and agreement guidelines

Married couples with children who are seeking a divorce will eventually have to grapple with the issue of child custody. No issue in a divorce is as important as the care and welfare of the children involved. That is why Texas law incorporates three overarching principles into each statute involving children.

New law shows why establishing child custody is divorce priority

The case of a Houston father of a 12-year-old son should serve as a warning for other Texas fathers. It's not enough for fathers to have child support payments automatically deducted from their salary. They are also responsible for ensuring that the other parent receives those funds.

Texas child custody decisions may be wrongly influenced

A recent report in the Austin American-Statesman suggests that many of the decisions affecting child custody cases may not have withstood closer scrutiny. The report says that Texas routinely overrules many of the decisions made by Texas Child Protective Services regarding whether a child has been the victim of abuse. The report says that more than one out of every three challenges to the CPS's assessments is successful, and those numbers are on the increase.

Drug-using mom cannot regain custody of her child

Last month the 11th Court of Appeals in Eastland, Texas, upheld the decision of a lower court to terminate a woman's parental rights. According to the decision, the controversy began after police responded to a citizen's call reporting a woman staggering around while carrying a baby. Police later arrived at the scene and discovered a man and a woman, both naked, having sex in the driver's seat of the van as their 18-month-old daughter stood watching nearby. In fact, the police officer reported the toddler as being naked except for a diaper and standing right next to an exposed drug needle.

Modifying child custody might resolve child support fraud

There are plenty of news stories about the typical "deadbeat dad," the disinterested father who neglects his children and fails to pay child support. It is sometimes easy to forget that there are also women who could use a few parenting classes. A recent case in El Paso, Texas, highlights such an example and also brings attention to the importance of having a good legal professional on your side to advocate for you during child custody and child support issues.

Constructive co-parenting strategies

We frequently write about some of the unique parenting challenges that adults often face when they opt to co-parent their children in two separate households. It is true that co-parenting with your former romantic partner can be frustrating, complicated and hectic at times. However, there are strategies that you may be able to employ in order to better ensure that your co-parenting relationship is as healthy and effective as possible, regardless of what the particulars of your child custody arrangement happen to be.

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