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Every divorce in Texas involves a different set of problems and requires a unique solution. When spouses are unable to agree on a solution, the divorce may become contested, and a judge will have to make a ruling about property division. At our law firm, we are prepared to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your contested divorce.

One of the most important issues spouses face during a contested divorce is the distinction between marital property and separate property. As Texas is a community property state, spouses in Texas have equal ownership of all debts and assets that were acquired during their marriage. When they got through a divorce, it will be vital to determine whether any valuable assets can be exempted from community property division.

Assets that were acquired by one spouse prior to the marriage or during the marriage through an inheritance or gift are considered separate property. However, if the spouse who acquired the separate assets commingled them with marital assets, they lose their status as separate property. If you are fighting to maintain control of your separate property in a divorce, it is crucial that you have documentation to prove that the property was kept separate.

While going through a contested divorce, you may have a better chance of achieving a fair settlement with legal representation to support you throughout the process. If you are at risk of losing valuable assets in your divorce, we can put our in-depth knowledge of property valuation and property division laws to work advocating for your best interests. For further information on how we can assist you, you are invited to visit our page on contested divorce.

Source: Bruce C. Zivley Attorney at Law, "Contested Divorce: Property Division", November 26, 2014

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