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Challenging a child support order by denying paternity

In order for a Texas court to terminate the child support requirements assessed against a man who has subsequently denied paternity, the man must file the claim personally. If he signed an acknowledgement of paternity at the time of the child's birth or the court established his paternity, he would need to state in his petition that he believed that he was the child's biological father at the time.

Texas custody and standard possession orders

Many Texas parents have a difficult time agreeing to a parenting and custody plan when undergoing child custody disputes, whether they have been married or not. In those situations, family law judges will determine with which parent the child will primarily reside according to the court's determination of the child's best interests.

A Houston family lawyer provides legal assistance

Houston couples can expect that one of the most contentious aspects of their divorce will be dividing their property. This is for good reason. Decisions made during this process can have lasting positive and negative consequences for years to come. While some individuals are able to move forward with an uncontested divorce, individuals who do not agree about how to divide property or other important issues in their divorce case must usually proceed with a contested divorce.

Texas visitation rights and responsibilities

When the parents of a child in Texas do not live together, problems can arise in delineating the rights and responsibilities of each parent with regard to the child. It is important that details are spelled out during this process, giving a clear picture of where the child should be at any given time and with which parent. A court may issue a decree called a Paternity Decree or a Decree of Divorce, which identifies who the parents are, who the child is and what the rights and responsibilities of each parent are.

What property can a divorcing spouse receive?

During a divorce, property division can be a major concern for the spouses involved. In Texas, the court endeavors to order the division of an estate in a manner that regards the rights of both parties while also taking into consideration the impact on children of the marriage in question. As a community property state, Texas treats property acquired by spouses while living in other states as if the party lived in Texas at the time of acquisition.

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