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High-profile financier divorce tests prenuptial agreement.

Texas residents may be interested in the divorce of Ken Griffin who is the founder of the Citadel hedge fund. According to reports, Griffin, who submitted a divorce petition earlier this year, is estimated to be worth close to $5.5 billion. He is currently in the process of divorcing Anne Dias-Griffin, his wife of 11 years.

According to court documents filed by the wife's representatives, Griffin had vacated their shared residence in February 2012 and spent little time with the couple's three children. Even so, she claims to have been blindsided by his divorce petition when it came out earlier this year; she had been on vacation with their children when the papers had been filed. While she was on that vacation, Griffin hired movers to take furniture and art from their shared home, according to the papers filed by the woman.

The wife is seeking custody of the children and the right to relocate them to New York. In addition, she is asking that the couple's 2003 prenuptial agreement be overturned, citing its rushed presentation. Per her statements, she only had a few days to examine a prenuptial agreement, and she claims that she was influenced into signing the document. Her statements suggest that when she expressed hesitancy at signing the agreement, Griffin grew violently angry. Later, he recommended that the couple seek marriage counseling from a certain psychologist, who suggested that she sign the agreement. The woman later discovered that her husband had been a patient of that psychologist prior to the meeting.

When an individual becomes involved in a divorce, the proceedings can become complicated and difficult to understand, especially in cases where the couple has substantial marital assets. However, a lawyer who is familiar with family law proceedings could help a client assert his or her interests throughout negotiations with the other party.

Source: CNBC, "Anne Griffin Seeks to Void Prenuptial Agreement With Ken Griffin", Michael J. de la Merced, September 03, 2014

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