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July 2014 Archives

Pets now considered during property division of divorce

In the past, couples often gave little thought toward which spouse would take the family pets during a divorce. There are often cases where one spouse would argue that he or she came into the marriage with the pet and therefore the pet should not be considered as community property. Or perhaps the pet had a medical condition and required expensive treatment, which party should be responsible for that at the time of divorce? Today, Texas law contains several laws aimed at reducing the murky areas regarding pet ownership and protection.

Knowing Texas alimony laws prior to divorce is important

People headed towards divorce are probably experiencing some of the worst times in their lives. There are so many changes to deal with and so many uncertainties involved that the entire process can be overwhelming. Despite those difficulties, it is still wise to take some time and gain some knowledge. Laws change over time and what may have been common practice just a few years ago may no longer be a typical scenario. A new book about the subject titled, "Guide to Good Divorce" written by Trey Yates offers up some helpful tips on the matter.

Houston-area constables crackdown on child support debtors

On June 28, the Harris County’s Precinct One Constable’s Office initiated a sweep targeting people accused of failure to pay court-ordered child support. A spokesperson for the constable’s office says that so far, more than 40 people have been arrested in what that agency is calling Operation Take Care. The roundup officially got underway at 5:00 a.m. and is expected to last for several weeks. According to the constable, there are approximately 575 active warrants still outstanding.

New law shows why establishing child custody is divorce priority

The case of a Houston father of a 12-year-old son should serve as a warning for other Texas fathers. It's not enough for fathers to have child support payments automatically deducted from their salary. They are also responsible for ensuring that the other parent receives those funds.

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