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June 2014 Archives

Social media prenuptial agreements may enter realm of divorce

When most people think about divorce, they consider what will happen with their children. Some people worry about their assets and division of property. Others are concerned about child support payments and visitation rights. Now, there is another item to consider and that is how your ex reports the details of your divorce while using social media.

Ex-wife demands half of proceeds from forced property division

A recent lawsuit filed in the Galveston County District Court has drawn focus to a divorce case in which the division of property between the parties may not have been fair. According to the June 2 complaint, a woman says that her ex-husband lied to her about the status of their marital home at the time of their divorce. She claims that his lying and hiding of important facts caused her to get a poor split of the divided property.

Expert gives divorcing parties tips about property division

Divorce is usually a harrowing experience for both parties. Emotions typically run high because the parties involved are being forced to make some hard decisions about their futures. Most important are the decisions that affect the children. Which party will become the custodial parent? Which party will be responsible for providing spousal and child support? Those are just a couple of the decisions that can cause anxiety for divorcing spouses.

Plano, Texas, center for women offers oasis in midst of divorce

For most people, going through a divorce is an emotionally difficult time. Now imagine that you're going through a divorce while you're all alone in a strange country, with no close friends or other family nearby. That is the plight of many Muslim women throughout Texas who are attempting to end their marriages.

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