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May 2014 Archives

Texas child custody decisions may be wrongly influenced

A recent report in the Austin American-Statesman suggests that many of the decisions affecting child custody cases may not have withstood closer scrutiny. The report says that Texas routinely overrules many of the decisions made by Texas Child Protective Services regarding whether a child has been the victim of abuse. The report says that more than one out of every three challenges to the CPS's assessments is successful, and those numbers are on the increase.

Wife of exonerated man seeks money under community property law

On May 12, the 5th District Court of Appeals handed down a ruling that said a man exonerated for the crime of rape is not financially liable to his former wife. The three-panel court reversed a lower court's ruling that the man owed his ex-wife a portion of $6 million in compensation owed to him by the state of Texas after DNA evidence proved that he had been wrongfully convicted of a crime back in 2008. The man had been arrested for rape back in 1982 and had served 25 years in prison prior to his exoneration.

Durant's high praise of mom highlights importance of divorce

Perhaps you missed it, but Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant gave a stirring acceptance speech at his presentation for the National Basketball Association's Most Valuable Player of the year award that put all Mother's Day cards to shame. Durant tearfully recalled the sacrifices his mother made for him as she raised him and his brother as a single parent after his father deserted his wife and his kids. Durant's mother was only 21 years old when his father decided to leave him; Durant was only 1. Durant's father would later give his reason for leaving to reporters as a combination of being young, selfish and immature.

Drug-using mom cannot regain custody of her child

Last month the 11th Court of Appeals in Eastland, Texas, upheld the decision of a lower court to terminate a woman's parental rights. According to the decision, the controversy began after police responded to a citizen's call reporting a woman staggering around while carrying a baby. Police later arrived at the scene and discovered a man and a woman, both naked, having sex in the driver's seat of the van as their 18-month-old daughter stood watching nearby. In fact, the police officer reported the toddler as being naked except for a diaper and standing right next to an exposed drug needle.

Property division not likely an issue in Cuba Gooding Jr. divorce

The actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife of 20 years are calling it quits in their unusually lengthy Hollywood marriage. The actor's wife cited irreconcilable differences as she filed on April 22 in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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