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Volunteers needed to help collect unpaid child support

When parents divorce or separate, maintaining the well-being of the children is the most important issue facing both parties. Unfortunately, non-custodial parents sometimes forget just how challenging it can be to meet the expenses of raising children alone. Making this issue even harder is that many of the state agencies tasked with enforcing child support payments are understaffed. For example, down in Harlingen, Texas, the Texas Attorney General's Child Support field office is currently seeking volunteers.

The field office, which is located at 1820 W. Jefferson Ave., is presently handling a caseload of more than 14,000 child support cases. Volunteers will be asked to help perform a variety of tasks such as helping state authorities collect child support in Cameron and Willacy counties. The field office has normal business hours and the workday is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition to helping collect unpaid child support, volunteers can assist with data entry, filing and helping attorneys and other office staff.

The Texas Attorney General says that the goal of his office is to see to it that Texas children receive the assistance they need to grow healthy and strong. He says that the volunteers are a critical part of process. State and Federal laws mandate that the Child Support Division pursue child support for parents of children who are receiving public assistance.

As this case illustrates, sometimes following a divorce or separation parents could use a hand in getting financial and medical support for their children. Relying on state agencies to provide those services is not always certain to provide fast and thorough results. However, there are other legal alternatives available. For example, a parent always has the option to retain an attorney experienced in the family law field of practice to help them with locating the absent parent, establishing paternity and then enforcing a court order to recover money which is due to their child.

Source: Valley Morning Star, "Child Support office looking for volunteers" KAYLEIGH SOMMER, Apr. 21, 2014

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