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The true basics of divorce planning

We frequently discuss the fact that divorce often results in both numerous frustrating consequences and excellent opportunities for personal growth. In order to best ensure that you are able to navigate the challenges of the divorce process and to make the most of the opportunities it provides, it is often beneficial to engage in some divorce planning.

Divorce planning can be a fairly formal process led by your attorney. Divorce planning can also simply consist of you or you and your spouse sitting down to map out what approach you would like to take to your divorce and what your goals and priorities for the process are likely to be.

The Internet is full of advice. Journalists, attorneys, counselors and self-proclaimed experts have written thousands of pieces about how one should approach the divorce process and plan for its fallout. It can sometimes be difficult to filter out the noise of so much advice.

In truth, it is most important for you to think about one key word when it comes to the divorce planning process: wellbeing. If you focus on your current and future wellbeing, as well as the current and future wellbeing of any children you may have, you will approach the financial, physical and emotional consequences and opportunities of the divorce process from the most positive place you can.

Failure to focus on this single word may cause you to suffer from short-sightedness or to act from a place of purely negative emotion. Both of these alternative approaches can result in very negative consequences on your divorce settlement and on your future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Strategies Are Dumb (Just Do This),” Erin Mantz, April 1, 2014

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