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Modifying child custody might resolve child support fraud

There are plenty of news stories about the typical "deadbeat dad," the disinterested father who neglects his children and fails to pay child support. It is sometimes easy to forget that there are also women who could use a few parenting classes. A recent case in El Paso, Texas, highlights such an example and also brings attention to the importance of having a good legal professional on your side to advocate for you during child custody and child support issues.

A 24-year-old woman says that for years her mother's drug problem has forced her to care for her younger sister. In fact, the woman is the legal guardian of her 15-year-old sister. She says that the state granted her mother custody of her younger sister because her father is a truck driver. The father says that he has no issue with paying to support his daughters, but would rather the money go directly to the daughters instead of their mother.

According to the woman, her mother had been receiving eight hundred dollars per month from her father which went into an account accessible via debit card. The woman says that her mother would routinely withdraw that money and use it to buy drugs, despite the fact that she had not had actual physical custody of the minor daughter since 2005. A news report from 2009 depicts the mother on "El Paso's Most Wanted" as wanted for theft and prostitution.

The guardian daughter says that the state child support enforcement agency has impounded the father's child support payments since June 2013 and there is a current available balance of around $6,000 in their possession. The woman says that she desperately needs that money but the agency has not released it to her despite their earlier promise to fix the glitch in the system.

This case shows just how important establishing legal custody of a minor child can be. If you are experiencing similar issues you need someone who knows the inner workings of the system to help guide you through the process. Don't delay, as this case demonstrates, because the wheels of government often move slowly.

Source: KFOX14, "Former "most wanted" fugitive allegedly manipulated state for child support" Bill Melugin, Mar. 26, 2014

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