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April 2014 Archives

Volunteers needed to help collect unpaid child support

When parents divorce or separate, maintaining the well-being of the children is the most important issue facing both parties. Unfortunately, non-custodial parents sometimes forget just how challenging it can be to meet the expenses of raising children alone. Making this issue even harder is that many of the state agencies tasked with enforcing child support payments are understaffed. For example, down in Harlingen, Texas, the Texas Attorney General's Child Support field office is currently seeking volunteers.

Modifying child custody might resolve child support fraud

There are plenty of news stories about the typical "deadbeat dad," the disinterested father who neglects his children and fails to pay child support. It is sometimes easy to forget that there are also women who could use a few parenting classes. A recent case in El Paso, Texas, highlights such an example and also brings attention to the importance of having a good legal professional on your side to advocate for you during child custody and child support issues.

The true basics of divorce planning

We frequently discuss the fact that divorce often results in both numerous frustrating consequences and excellent opportunities for personal growth. In order to best ensure that you are able to navigate the challenges of the divorce process and to make the most of the opportunities it provides, it is often beneficial to engage in some divorce planning.

Constructive co-parenting strategies

We frequently write about some of the unique parenting challenges that adults often face when they opt to co-parent their children in two separate households. It is true that co-parenting with your former romantic partner can be frustrating, complicated and hectic at times. However, there are strategies that you may be able to employ in order to better ensure that your co-parenting relationship is as healthy and effective as possible, regardless of what the particulars of your child custody arrangement happen to be.

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