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January 2014 Archives

Relocation issues that may affect child custody and visitation

When parents decide that it would be best for their family if they parented in different households, the logistics of this decision can get messy. First, parents will need decide on child custody matters collaboratively and have a judge agree that their decisions are in the best interests of the children involved. If parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation matters, a judge will need to make these decisions based on what he or she perceives to be in the children’s best interests.

Decision in Texas same-sex divorce cases to be made within months

Last year was an important one for same-sex couples in Texas and the rest of the United States. While several states throughout the nation made same-sex marriage legal, Texas considered whether to allow same-sex couples to divorce in its courts.

The silver linings of dark and dreary divorces

Some divorces are surprisingly amicable. Others are emotionally draining and physically taxing. Whether your divorce is proving to be a rather dark and dreary affair or only has dark moments, it is completely normal for you to feel a host of negative emotions about your divorce either regularly or from time to time.

Why remaining socially healthy is important for divorced parents

Though often rewarding, being a divorced parent is rarely a simple or straightforward job. Whether your child custody arrangements have granted you a great deal of time with your child or not as much as you would like, being a good parent to your child can be time-consuming and can sometimes feel isolating. As a result, it is very important that you take care to remain socially healthy. Being a socially healthy and engaged person can help you cope with the stresses of parenthood and can help you be a healthier, happier parent for your child.

Divorce proceedings become complicated by changing circumstances

Houston residents may be interested in a recent dispute regarding spousal support. In this case, a court ruled that the changing financial position and dynamics of one couple's marriage made a prenuptial agreement outdated. As a result, the court chose to disregard the provisions initially agreed upon in the contract.

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