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December 2013 Archives

Property division for unmarried couples

In Texas and around the U.S., unmarried couples often find that splitting up assets is a significant problem when the relationship ends. Property division issues in a divorce are primarily determined by whether the jurisdiction is a community property state or follows equitable distribution principles, but no strict guidelines exist for unmarried partners who are ending their relationship after living together and acquiring property or sharing income. One family law advisor recommends that these couples protect themselves by creating in effect a property prenuptial agreement.

The things divorced individuals most regret about divorcing

Learning from the experiences of others can help you make more informed choices about how you would like to live your life. If you are contemplating divorce, you understand that even the most well-intentioned choices do not always turn out in the ways we would often prefer. However, simply because your marriage has not progressed in the ways you hoped it would does not prohibit you from making the healthiest choices possible about how to proceed in your divorce and your newly single life. Healthy choices do not guarantee you a positive outcome, but they do often help to stem the tide of regret.

Navigating December holidays post-divorce

Holidays tend to inspire various traditions within families. When a family is rearranged and/or reconstructed as a result of divorce, some traditions must be reconfigured as well. This transition can be difficult on adults and children alike. Thankfully, keeping a few things in mind can help you and your kids have as joyous a holiday season as is possible under the circumstances.

Understanding the direct and indirect costs of divorce

Divorcing can be a stressful and frightening process. However, if you educate yourself about what you can expect from the process emotionally, physically, practically and financially, you will place yourself in a better position to navigate your divorce successfully. Educating yourself about the process may not make some elements of it easier, but knowing what to expect will help you prepare mentally for what is coming.

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