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Attorney Bruce C. Zivley in Houston, TX, provides comprehensive legal services in cases of divorcechild custodychild support, and related matters such as property division. Family law cases are complex not only because of the legal intricacies, but also their emotional and personal nature. It is important to trust your case to a family law attorney who will make your family's best interests the priority. 

In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Zivley is a parent. His goals will always be aligned with yours, and he will take every measure to help you establish arrangements that help your family move forward in the best way possible.

Bruce C. Zivley


I am committed to providing competent and experienced legal advice to individuals needing family law assistance, understanding that each case and client is unique and experiencing their own individual set of emotions and expectations, while dealing with, what for most, is a traumatic event in their lives.

Bruce C. Zivley

Attorney Bruce C. Zivley 

Bruce C. Zivley is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. For more than three decades, he has provided thousands of clients with the legal advice and representation necessary to help them achieve a favorable outcome. Mr. Zively is a Houston native who understands the needs of his clients and strives to provide the most efficient and effective course of action in every case.

Mr. Zivley earned his law degree in 1982 from South Texas College of Law in Houston, and became licensed the same year. He started practicing both criminal law and family law. He eventually decided to devote his efforts exclusively to family law, opening his own practice in 1990.

I found and know that Bruce was both honest and straight forward to and with me throughout the entire process which took two years from beginning to end.*

By Michael A.

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Child Custody

Determining the best child custody arrangement for your children can be difficult. In addition to the desires of the parents and child, there are also several factors taken into account by the court including each parent's relationship with the child and the child's age. Mr. Zivley can help you reach a child custody agreement that benefits your entire family.*

Child Support

Mr. Zivley can help you establish the proper amount of child support through an evaluation of expenses, income, and custody. Mr. Zivley strongly believes that child support should help ensure that your child is provided with everything they need. He can help clients to develop custody agreements, and also modify and enforce them as necessary.*


A balanced visitation schedule is crucial to a healthy parent-child relationship. While the court will implement the "Standard Possession Order" if a custom arrangement is not established, Mr. Zivley can help negotiate amicable arrangements that benefit everyone involved, including parents with unconventional careers or schedules.*


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Mr. Zivley strives to provide the highest quality legal representation to each client. As such, he appreciates and encourages you to share feedback about your experience working with our firm. 

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"Bruce handled my divorce. He was efficient and effective, always responsive and accessible. He provided great advice and kept the discussion fact-based and objective when I was occasionally tempted to focus on emotional aspects of the situation.*"

Holly B.


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